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Gennargentu snc

"Gennargentu snc" operates in a large characteristic territory, which covers a vast area of the future Gennargentu National Park and the Gulf of Orosei (central eastern Sardinia).

This unique area, thanks to its multiple natural and cultural resources, is greatly requested by visitors coming from all over the world.

The Supramonte is a vast Karst upland plain of over 400 kmq (square km) , totally uninhabited surrounded by the villages Dorgali, Urzulei, Baunei, Orgosolo and Oliena.

The population continue their antique traditions, that you can see by their original costumes, handcrafts, folklore, and in their village festivals and feasts.

In this particular area, Gennargentu snc offers their highly qualified tourist service, such as guided tours in land rover, by bus, boat and other means of transport, trekking, speleology excursions, cave diving, sea diving.

For Senior Citizens and Students, we recommend very interesting all year round special naturalistic, cultural and archeological itineraries.

For those whom prefer to stay by the sea, we provide excursions along the coast including M.Santo Cape and Cala Gonone bay (Gulf of Orosei).

For those who have special sport requests such as guided trekking, expeditions can go on for more days, in a still natural wild area called "Supramonte", combining nature, speleology, culture, archeology.

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